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Paul Kalchbrenner | Partner

Mr. Kalchbrenner has 20 years of experience in Washington. He has spent time in federal agencies, on Capitol Hill, and the private sector. He has represented municipalities, quasi-governmental, and private sector entities for 17 years. He has broad experience in numerous areas of law and policy, with a focus on environmental compliance, water/wastewater, transportation, green energy and technology, and federal funding for all types of infrastructure, economic development, and research supported by the federal government.

Mr. Kalchbrenner utilizes this knowledge and experience to help clients work with the federal government, identify solutions and funding opportunities, and execute strategies to achieve success via legislative authorizations, appropriations, and grant funding. Mr. Kalchbrenner has developed an in-depth knowledge of the legislative and regulatory process which accompanies an extensive network of contacts within both the Congress and executive branch. Recently Mr. Kalchbrenner created a coalition of drinking water utilities and rural water districts that rely on federal water supply and who were experiencing similar issues with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. After working with Coalition members to develop policy solutions, Mr. Kalchbrenner has worked to educate members of Congress and Administration officials about these issues and advocate for changes in applicable laws and regulations. There are currently Coalition members in nine states.

Mr. Kalchbrenner has been especially involved with the delegations from both Kansas and Missouri. In addition to representing numerous clients in both states, Mr. Kalchbrenner is a past Chairman and current member of the Missouri-Kansas Forum, a non-partisan group that meets regularly with members and senior staff of the two delegations to discuss federal policy.






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